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10191 言っ あたかも 空気 突き刺す よう 義父 部屋 方角 指し まし やがて 新た 痙攣 襲い 言葉 奪っ しまい まし

There was something else which she would fain have said , and she stabbed with her finger into the air in the direction of the doctor 's room , but a fresh convulsion seized her and choked her words . (eng)

10256 たまたま 今日 義父 重用 ある とか 行く 申し おり まし

" As it happens , he spoke of coming into town to-day upon some most important business . (eng)

10363 たち 行く あちら 工事 いる よう

" There is some building going on there , " said Holmes , " that is where we are going . " (eng)

10364 あちら です 左手 少し 離れ 一群 屋根 指し ながら 御者 言っ

" There 's the village , " said the driver , pointing to a cluster of roofs some distance to the left ; " but if you want to get to the house , you 'll find it shorter to get over this stile , and so by the foot-path over the fields . (eng)

10370 我々 降り 料金 払い 二輪 馬車 がたがた レザー ヘッド 帰っ いっ

We got off , paid our fare , and the trap rattled back on its way to Leatherhead . (eng)

10509 そして 必要 もの 持っ 以前 使わ 部屋 静か 隠し ください

Then when you hear him retire for the night , you must open the shutters of your window , undo the hasp , put your lamp there as a signal to us , and then withdraw quietly with everything which you are likely to want into the room which you used to occupy . (eng)

10528 部屋 あり から 大通り ストーク モラン 屋敷 住ん いる 眺める こと でき

They were on the upper floor , and from our window we could command a view of the avenue gate , and of the inhabited wing of Stoke Moran Manor House . (eng)

10577 木々 から 漏れ 消さ 屋敷 方向 真っ暗 なっ

About nine o'clock the light among the trees was extinguished , and all was dark in the direction of the Manor House . (eng)

10602 そっと 歩み 寄っ ラッパ よう かろうじて 言葉 判別 できる 程度 そっと ささやい

Then creeping up to me and making a trumpet of his hand , he whispered into my ear again so gently that it was all that I could do to distinguish the words : " The least sound would be fatal to our plans . " (eng)

11450 馬番 少年 だけ 手がかり 持っ 記憶 よれ そういう 名前 農場 マイル ラス トン 方角 いる しかっ

The stable-boy threw a light upon the matter by remembering that a farmer of that name lived some miles off , in the direction of East Ruston . (eng)

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