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10010 普段 どおり 規則 生活 ちょっと 驚き しばたたか ながら 少々 恨み がま しく 上げ

He was a late riser , as a rule , and as the clock on the mantelpiece showed me that it was only a quarter- past seven , I blinked up at him in some surprise , and perhaps just a little resentment , for I was myself regular in my habits . (eng)

10040 その 引き つっ 灰色 落ち着き ない 怯え おり 狩ら れる 動物 よう だっ

She raised her veil as she spoke , and we could see that she was indeed in a pitiable state of agitation , her face all drawn and grey , with restless frightened eyes , like those of some hunted animal . (eng)

10081 それ 言っ いる わけ あり ませ でも なだめる だけ 返事 そらし から そう 分かる です

He does not say so , but I can read it from his soothing answers and averted eyes . (eng)

10130 ホームズ 椅子 預け クッション 埋め 閉じ

Sherlock Holmes had been leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed and his head sunk in a cushion , but he half opened his lids now and glanced across at his visitor . (eng)

10151 すぐ 覚める たち から その いつも 覚め

I am a light sleeper , and it has awakened me . (eng)

10151 すぐ 覚める たち から その いつも 覚め

I am a light sleeper , and it has awakened me . (eng)

10294 極めて 邪悪 衝動 感じ させる 大きな 無数 刻ま 黄色 日焼け 深く 窪ん 不機嫌 そう 我々 じろじろ 見回し 薄く 骨ばっ 高い 獰猛 猛禽

A large face , seared with a thousand wrinkles , burned yellow with the sun , and marked with every evil passion , was turned from one to the other of us , while his deep-set , bile-shot eyes , and his high , thin , fleshless nose , gave him somewhat the resemblance to a fierce old bird of prey . (eng)

10427 あちら こちら 上下 行っ たり たり この 部屋 どんな 細部 見逃さ なかっ

Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner and sat silent , while his eyes travelled round and round and up and down , taking in every detail of the apartment . (eng)

10440 最後 ベッド ほう 歩い いっ しばらく 走ら

Finally he walked over to the bed and spent some time in staring at it and in running his eye up and down the wall . (eng)

10458 折り畳み ベッド 技術 内容 埋まっ 小さな 木製 ベッド そば 肘掛け 椅子 壁際 質素 椅子 丸い テーブル 大きな 金庫 など 触れ もの だっ

A camp-bed , a small wooden shelf full of books , mostly of a technical character , an armchair beside the bed , a plain wooden chair against the wall , a round table , and a large iron safe were the principal things which met the eye . (eng)

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