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10018 若い 婦人 この 時間 都会 うろつい 寝ぼけ まなこ 連中 ベッド から 叩き 起こす とき きっと 非常 伝え なけれ なら ない こと ある だろ

Now , when young ladies wander about the metropolis at this hour of the morning , and knock sleepy people up out of their beds , I presume that it is something very pressing which they have to communicate . (eng)

10019 興味深い 事件 あれ 絶対 最初 から 知り たがる だろ から

Should it prove to be an interesting case , you would , I am sure , wish to follow it from the outset . (eng)

10041 ところ 三十 若白髪 ところどころ あり その 様子 やつれ きっ

Her features and figure were those of a woman of thirty , but her hair was shot with premature grey , and her expression was weary and haggard . (eng)

10056 二輪 馬車 以外 その よう 巻き上げる 乗り物 あり ませ それ 御者 左側 乗っ だけ です

There is no vehicle save a dog-cart which throws up mud in that way , and then only when you sit on the left-hand side of the driver . " (eng)

10061 頼り できる ない です ただ ひとり 除い

I have no one to turn to -- none , save only one , who cares for me , and he , poor fellow , can be of little aid . (eng)

10099 相当 財産 持っ 少なくとも ポンド 収入 あり これ そっくり 義父 つまり ロイロット 博士 譲っ まし

She had a considerable sum of money -- not less than 1000 pounds a year -- and this she bequeathed to Dr. Roylott entirely while we resided with him , with a provision that a certain annual sum should be allowed to each of us in the event of our marriage . (eng)

10104 残し くれ お金 欲しい もの でも 買える ほど あり まし たち 幸せ 障害 ない よう 思え です

The money which my mother had left was enough for all our wants , and there seemed to be no obstacle to our happiness . " (eng)

10117 その 代わり 義父 彼ら テント 過ごし 時には 週間 渡っ 連中 さすらう こと あり まし

He had no friends at all save the wandering gipsies , and he would give these vagabonds leave to encamp upon the few acres of bramble- covered land which represent the family estate , and would accept in return the hospitality of their tents , wandering away with them sometimes for weeks on end . (eng)

10125 分かり いただける でしょ いま 申し上げ よう 生活 たち 同じ 同じ 立場 ある 会う こと ほとんど あり ませ でし

You can understand that , living the life which I have described , we were little likely to see anyone of our own age and position . (eng)

10250 長い 沈黙 あり その間 ホームズ 乗せ 暖炉 爆ぜる 見つめ

There was a long silence , during which Holmes leaned his chin upon his hands and stared into the crackling fire . (eng)

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