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10180 Holmes shook his head like a man who is far from being satisfied .
11002 His head was sunk upon his breast , and he looked from my point of view like a strange , lank bird , with dull gray plumage and a black top-knot .
11092 About a week ago -- it was the Tuesday of last week -- I found on one of the window-sills a number of absurd little dancing figures like these upon the paper .
11100 Since then she has looked like a woman in a dream , half dazed , and with terror always lurking in her eyes .
11395 Holmes hunted about among the grass and leaves like a retriever after a wounded bird .
11587 That 's God 's truth , gentlemen , every word of it , and I heard no more about it until that lad came riding up with a note which made me walk in here , like a jay , and give myself into your hands . "
61144 Because we have this misconception that Diet members are " agents " working for regions , individuals , or industries , our electoral system has been reduced to " the best and wisest system but distorted " where those who have bridges and roads built in their own ridings to benefit industries and the like are considered " good Diet members . "
61237 However , for Japan to play a still wider role in international society as we approach the 21st century , we can not do otherwise hope that there will come to the fore an ever larger number of kokusaijin ( " international persons " ) who like the two will be active in top positions of international organizations .
61461 Regarding the basic principles , while all the parties without exception have similar themes on display such as " liberty , democracy and peace " for the LDP , " fairness , co-existence , peace and creativity " for the Social_Democratic_Party , and " liberty , fairness , fellowship and harmonious co-existence " for the New_Frontier_Party , these are nothing more than a list of rhetorical slogans that nobody can argue about and the reasoning behind the policy is also absent .
61614 It could be a case similar to the " Serial Dog_Lovers_Murder_Case " in Osaka that was brought to light in late January last year .

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