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10014 Now , when young ladies wander about the metropolis at this hour of the morning , and knock sleepy people up out of their beds , I presume that it is something very pressing which they have to communicate .
10358 " Where does that bell communicate with ? " he asked at last pointing to a thick bell- rope which hung down beside the bed , the tassel actually lying upon the pillow .
11245 Would that I had some brighter ending to communicate to my readers , but these are the chronicles of fact , and I must follow to their dark crisis the strange chain of events which for some days made Riding Thorpe Manor a household word through the length and breadth of England .
18598 Is there a crime to be done , a paper to be abstracted , we will say , a house to be rifled , a man to be removed - the word is passed to the Professor , the matter is organized and carried out .
47890 To-day we mean to communicate to the Princetown people where they should look for their missing man , but it is hard lines that we have not actually had the triumph of bringing him back as our own prisoner .
48696 ' I suggest that we put it in one of the huts until we can communicate with the police . '
48913 And I have also communicated with my faithful Cartwright , who would certainly have pined away at the door of my hut as a dog does at his master 's grave if I had not set his mind at rest about my safety . '
48985 ' My friend here , Dr Watson , has informed me of what you have communicated , and also of what you have withheld in connection with that matter . '
49064 One of Sherlock Holmes 's defects - if , indeed , one may call it a defect - was that he was exceedingly loth to communicate his full plans to any other person until the instant of their fulfilment .

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