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10001 我が シャーロック ホームズ 手法 ここ 記録 いる 手帳 記さ 七十 あまり 事件 ノート ざっと 眺め みる 多く 悲劇 あり いくつ 喜劇 あり 多数 単に 奇妙 だけ どれ 尋常 ない 事件 ある

On glancing over my notes of the seventy odd cases in which I have during the last eight years studied the methods of my friend Sherlock Holmes , I find many tragic , some comic , a large number merely strange , but none commonplace ; for , working as he did rather for the love of his art than for the acquirement of wealth , he refused to associate himself with any investigation which did not tend towards the unusual , and even the fantastic . (eng)

10008 一八八三 四月 初め ある 目覚める ホームズ すっかり ベッド そば 立っ

It was early in April in the year ' 83 that I woke one morning to find Sherlock Holmes standing , fully dressed , by the side of my bed . (eng)

10091 エーカー 土地 二百 それ 多額 抵当 入れ られ 除い 残り ませ でし

Nothing was left save a few acres of ground , and the two-hundred-year-old house , which is itself crushed under a heavy mortgage . (eng)

10098 ジュリア 双子 再婚 とき わずか でし

My sister Julia and I were twins , and we were only two years old at the time of my mother 's re-marriage . (eng)

10099 相当 財産 持っ 少なくとも ポンド 収入 あり これ そっくり 義父 つまり ロイロット 博士 譲っ まし

She had a considerable sum of money -- not less than 1000 pounds a year -- and this she bequeathed to Dr. Roylott entirely while we resided with him , with a provision that a certain annual sum should be allowed to each of us in the event of our marriage . (eng)

10102 クルー 近く 鉄道 事故 亡くなっ です

Shortly after our return to England my mother died -- she was killed eight years ago in a railway accident near Crewe . (eng)

10124 ちょうど 前に 亡くなり その こと まさに お話 たい こと です

" She died just two years ago , and it is of her death that I wish to speak to you . (eng)

10127 ジュリア クリスマス 時分 そこ 行っ とき 休職 海兵 少佐 出会い 婚約 です

Julia went there at Christmas two years ago , and met there a half-pay major of marines , to whom she became engaged . (eng)

10228 それ から 経っ つい この まで 生活 以前 より もっと 孤独 もの だっ です

" Two years have passed since then , and my life has been until lately lonelier than ever . (eng)

10342 ロイロット 夫人 亡くなっ 時点 収入 千百 ポンド だっ 農作物 価格 下落 計算 入れ 七百五十 ポンド ほど なる

The total income , which at the time of the wife 's death was little short of 1100 pounds , is now , through the fall in agricultural prices , not more than 750 pounds . (eng)

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