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10099 相当 財産 持っ 少なくとも ポンド 収入 あり これ そっくり 義父 つまり ロイロット 博士 譲っ まし

She had a considerable sum of money -- not less than 1000 pounds a year -- and this she bequeathed to Dr. Roylott entirely while we resided with him , with a provision that a certain annual sum should be allowed to each of us in the event of our marriage . (eng)

10341 遺言 持つ 正確 意味 知る ため 現在 投資 価格 調べ みる 必要 あっ

" To determine its exact meaning I have been obliged to work out the present prices of the investments with which it is concerned . (eng)

11029 週間 サー スト から ある 南アフリカ 株式 について ヶ月 期限 オプション 持っ いる できれ 共同 購入 たい 持ちかけ られ 言っ

4 . You told me , four weeks ago , that Thurston had an option on some South African property which would expire in a month , and which he desired you to share with him . (eng)

11667 実際 あいつ とき あいつ 持っ その どこか やっ ちまお です

She came down and brought money with her , trying to bribe me to go . (eng)

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