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10170 なし 迫り 来る 不幸 予感 あっ です

A vague feeling of impending misfortune impressed me . (eng)

10262 では たち 参り ます

" Then we shall both come . (eng)

10396 ホームズ 手入れ 悪い 芝生 ゆっくり 行っ たり たり 細心 注意 払い ながら 外側 調査

Holmes walked slowly up and down the ill-trimmed lawn and examined with deep attention the outsides of the windows . (eng)

10427 あちら こちら 上下 行っ たり たり この 部屋 どんな 細部 見逃さ なかっ

Holmes drew one of the chairs into a corner and sat silent , while his eyes travelled round and round and up and down , taking in every detail of the apartment . (eng)

10580 真ん中 から いる

" That is our signal , " said Holmes , springing to his feet ; " it comes from the middle window . " (eng)

10679 これ 本来 立た ない 偽物 分かり ベッド 固定 いる 気づい とき この 呼び鈴 通っ ベッド 来る ため ない という 疑い 抱い

The discovery that this was a dummy , and that the bed was clamped to the floor , instantly gave rise to the suspicion that the rope was there as a bridge for something passing through the hole and coming to the bed . (eng)

11562 言っ 来る やつ あり ます

Why should he come because you have asked him ? (eng)

11570 振り回し ながら やってくる

He was a tall , handsome , swarthy fellow , clad in a suit of gray flannel , with a Panama hat , a bristling black beard , and a great , aggressive hooked nose , and flourishing a cane as he walked . (eng)

11587 だが ヒルトン キュー ビット 夫人 手紙 応じ ここ

But I came here in answer to a letter from Mrs. Hilton Cubitt . (eng)

11635 ノリッジ 運ぶ 馬車 こっち 向かっ いる スレイニ くん

" There is a cab coming to convey you to Norwich , Mr. Slaney . (eng)

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