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10330 " This , I take it , belongs to the room in which you used to sleep , the centre one to your sister 's , and the one next to the main building to Dr. Roylott 's chamber ? "
10332 But I am now sleeping in the middle one . "
10355 These articles , with two small wicker-work chairs , made up all the furniture in the room save for a square of Wilton carpet in the centre .
11316 Their master lay upon his face in the centre of the room .
60364 The heart of the Hong_Kong economy lies in the island 's Central_District with its concentration of skyscrapers , banks and designer shops , but it undergoes a complete transformation into a " Little Manila " teeming with Filipino women on Sunday .
61005 My interpreter in Mito , Gwen_Le_Hoa said , " Since the completion of the North-South power lines , electricity has come to delta towns that did not have light before , " as she pointed to an island in the middle of the river .
100078 There are numerous hikes and trails scattered all around the island , including within the heart of the city ; all in close proximity to one another .
100383 The junction of East_Coast_Road and Joo_Chiat_Road can be suitably described as the heart of Katong .
100548 With authentic Sichuan cuisine , the art of tea and an elegant amb¬ience with a location set atop the UOB_Plaza in the heart of the city , it offers an experience that appeals to all senses .
100991 Delight in fine Indian cuisine as you dine a stone 's throw away from the heart of Orchard_Road .

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