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10060 " Alas ! " replied our visitor , " the very horror of my situation lies in the fact that my fears are so vague , and my suspicions depend so entirely upon small points , which might seem trivial to another , that even he to whom of all others I have a right to look for help and advice looks upon all that I tell him about it as the fancies of a nervous woman .
11535 I had a right to her .
11538 I tell you that I had the first right to her , and that I was only claiming my own . "
60043 The Japanese government insists that " Japanese nationality is essential for public servants who execute public rights and make decisions on public matters , " however , there is no rule to forbid employing non-Japanese under the Local_Public_Service_Law .
60430 He also discussed post-1997 political issues with the Chinese government , including protecting the rights of Indian residents and Indian-affiliated companies .
60464 The new wave after the war included prodigies of Kinjiro_Kimi , including Kozo_Masuda and Yasuharu_Oyama , who battled against each other in 1948 for the right to challenge for the Meijin title in a three-game match on Mount_Koya in Wakayama prefecture .
60475 He defended his title nine consecutive times from then until 1981 , acquiring the right to be named the 16th lifetime Meijin .
61381 Delayed court cases accelerate people 's detachment from the law and , furthermore , it will become a significant obstacle to safeguard " the right of access to court . "
62093 The Russian invasion of Chechnya trampled on the " peaceful resolution of conflicts " and " respect for the rights of ethnic minorities " advocated in the Charter_of_Paris_of_the_Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe , which should be described as the fundamental law to define international relations on the European continent after the Cold_War , and has an element that can not be dismissed as an internal matter .
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