05946687-n 'a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny';
Chinese (simplified) 宗教信仰 , 信念 , 信心 , 信义 , 信仰 , 信教 , 信条
English religion 63 ( ) , faith 18 , religious belief 6
Indonesian kepercayaan , religi , agama , iman
Japanese , 信受 , 信心 , 信奉 , 信教 , 信条 , 信仰
a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny
he lost his faith but not his morality
Hyponym: apophatism bahaism brahmanism buddhism cataphatism christianity cult cult doctrine_of_analogy ecclesiasticism hinduism jainism manichaeism mithraism mysticism nature_worship paganism revealed_religion shamanism shamanism shinto sikhism taoism theism wicca zoroastrianism
Hypernym: belief theological_virtue
In Domain–Category: free-thinking clean unclean conforming discalced formalistic christian protestant calvinist orthodox orthodox anglican congregational episcopal revivalistic lutheran methodist mormon unitarian catechismal die believe misbelieve worship reincarnate persecution vigil consecration chastity toleration traditionalism censer cloister habit orthodoxy hell meditation affirmation demythologization satan brother conformist latitudinarian numen novitiate
Semantic Field: cognitionn
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