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07526505-n (6)
kepercayaan, keyakinan
     rasa percaya (pada seseorang atau sesuatu)
05779568-n (1)
kepercayaan, ideologi
     imaginary or visionary theorization
06790042-n (4)
kepercayaan, hukum, dogma
dogma, tenet
     a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof
05959954-n (8)
kepercayaan, doktrin, syahadat, kredo, iman
credo, creed
     any system of principles or beliefs
00689344-v (358)
mengantepi, menduga, membilang, kepercayaan, membilangkan, hinap, memikirkan, bersangka, memandang, mengira, bertafakur, menyangka, menimbang, menganggap, ingat, menggagas, menyangkakan, menghinap-hinap, berpikir-pikir, beranggapan, sangka, menjangkakan, menimang, pandang, merasa, berpikir
think, believe, conceive, consider
     judge or regard; look upon; judge
05941423-n (19)
kepercayaan, akidah, pegangan
     any cognitive content held as true
trustworthiness, trustiness
     sifat dari layak dipercaya
05946687-n (87)
kepercayaan, religi, agama, iman
religion, faith, religious belief
     a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny
05945642-n (33)
sentimen, kepercayaan, pertimbangan, pendapat, penilaian, pandangan, aliran, angan, pemandangan
opinion, view, sentiment, thought, persuasion
     a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty
05809745-n (28)
kepercayaan, tradisi, kebiasaan
     an inherited pattern of thought or action
01826723-v (64)
menghasratkan, mengantepi, berhajat, mengingini, berangan-angan, harap, kepercayaan, berhasrat, menghajati, menggandrungkan, menginginkan, mengidamkan, mengharapkan, ingin, berharap, harapan, bercita-cita, mengasakan, berkehendak, mencita-citakan
hope, trust, desire
     expect and wish
00721098-v (41)
mengantepi, meyakini, kepercayaan, percaya, menganggap, beranggapan, keyakinan, yakin
believe, trust
     be confident about something
05667404-n (18)
kepercayaan, tradisi, adat, resam, kebiasaan, kelaziman
tradition, custom
     a specific practice of long standing
00683280-v (118)
mengantepi, kepercayaan, percaya, menganggap, beranggapan
     accept as true; take to be true
02349212-v (7)
mengantepi, mengamanatkan, mempertanggungjawabkan, kepercayaan, menyerahkan, melakukan, mengamanahkan
entrust, trust, commit, confide, intrust
     confer a trust upon
08081668-n (15)
kepercayaan, agama
religion, faith, organized religion
     an institution to express belief in a divine power
00688377-v (17)
mengantepi, kepercayaan, percaya, menguman, bergantung, amanah, Percaya, menyumpah, yakin, bersumpah
trust, rely, swear, bank
     have confidence or faith in
05916739-n (62)
kepercayaan, tahu, tanggapan, rasa
feeling, impression, notion, belief, opinion
     a vague idea in which some confidence is placed
02481819-v (5)
mengantepi, kepercayaan, percaya, mengharapkan
     allow without fear
06193727-n (4)
kepercayaan, penerimaan
acceptance, credence
     the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true
14483744-n (3)
kepercayaan, keyakinan
     suatu keadaan yakin penuh harapan bahwa kejadian-kejadian akan menguntungkan
14001728-n (1)
kepercayaan, pergantungan, ketergantungan
     kondisi tergantung pada sesuatu
05697363-n (29)
kepastian, kepercayaan, perjanjian, keyakinan, yakin
confidence, assurance, self-confidence, authority, sureness, self-assurance
     freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities
05942888-n (19)
kepercayaan, keyakinan
conviction, strong belief, article of faith
     an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence
kepercayaan, percaya, keyakinan
trust, confidence
     a trustful relationship
05697976-n (5)
kepercayaan, percaya, keyakinan
trust, reliance
     certainty based on past experience
04895246-n (3)
kepercayaan, percaya, keyakinan
trust, trustingness, trustfulness
     the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others
06212839-n (4)
kepercayaan, ideologi
ideology, political orientation, political theory
     an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group or nation
05943066-n (10)
kepercayaan, percaya, keyakinan
faith, trust
     complete confidence in a person or plan etc
kepercayaan, ideologi
ideological, ideologic
     concerned with or suggestive of ideas


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