03082979-n 'a machine for performing calculations automatically';
Chinese (simplified) 计算机 , 电脑 , 电子计算机
English computer 6 ( ) , computing machine , computing device , data processor , electronic computer , information processing system
Indonesian komputer
Japanese コンピューター , 電算機 , 計算機 , 電脳 , 計算器 , コンピュータ , 電算 , データプロセッサー , 電子計算機
a machine for performing calculations automatically
Hyponym: analog_computer digital_computer home_computer node number_cruncher pari-mutuel_machine predictor server turing_machine web_site
Hypernym: machine
Meronym–Part: busbar cathode-ray_tube central_processing_unit chip computer_accessory computer_circuit data_converter disk_cache diskette hardware keyboard memory monitor peripheral
Holonym–Part: platform
Domain–Category: computer_science
In Domain–Category: compatible incompatible up back_up interconnection console faceplate module plotter scratchpad slot throughput visual_display_unit data_structure alpha_test beta_test computer_science digital_communication format pass outage
Semantic Field: artifactn
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