06128570-n 'the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures';
Chinese (simplified) 计算机科学
English computing , computer science
Indonesian informatika
Japanese 情報工学 , コンピューティング , コンピュータサイエンス , 情報科学
the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
Hyponym: artificial_intelligence object
Hypernym: engineering
Holonym–Part: information_science
Domain–Category: computer
In Domain–Category: addressable on-line off-line interoperable streaming parallel serial real-time stovepiped machine_readable open-source rasterize scroll iterate clear google mapquest ping write overwrite e-mail spam network input concatenate cascade cybernate program load import export spool access address emulate allocation data_encryption desktop_publishing access accumulator background backup buffer bulletin_board_system cache central_processing_unit computer computer_circuit computer_network control_key core counter cursor dedicated_file_server dialog_box dip_switch disk_controller disk_drive display_adapter dongle drive erasable_programmable_read-only_memory file_server firewall foreground hardware index_register interface light_pen magnetic_core_memory magnetic_disk node non-dedicated_file_server peripheral pixel printer ram_disk read-only_memory read/write_head register rotary_actuator router screen_saver security_system server shift_register track virtual_memory window computer_architecture complex_instruction_set_computing reduced_instruction_set_computing nonsolid_color execution_speed bits_per_inch interoperability emulation terminal_emulation simulation descriptor information_theory logic ontology video electronic_mail prompt filename code argument address american_standard_code_for_information_interchange ascii_character_set firmware core_dump dump soft_copy hard_copy directory subdirectory menu hierarchical_menu computer_file backup_file binary_file master_file disk_file transaction_file input_file output_file read-only_file text_file software operating_system program disambiguator job compiler driver editor_program interface interpreter text_editor utility_program instruction electronic_database high-level_formatting low-level_formatting gigo protocol file_transfer_protocol standard_generalized_markup_language font_cartridge screen_font domain_name programming_language object-oriented_programming_language icon title_bar packet error hardware_error disk_error software_error semantic_error syntax_error algorithm_error seek crash head_crash disk_pack field bit_field disk_space disk_overhead power_user programmer resolution data_processing execution fragmentation iteration iteration operation retrieval storage baud megaflop teraflop mips parity_bit block bad_block partition capacity formatted_capacity unformatted_capacity time_sharing access_time run-time seek_time track-to-track_seek_time bits_per_second rotational_latency command_processing_overhead_time real_time
Semantic Field: cognitionn
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