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10650 部屋 叩い 内側 から 返事 なかっ

Twice he struck at the chamber door without any reply from within . (eng)

11206 同じ さきほど 写し 通り です

He had left a trace of his presence , however , for there on the door was the very same arrangement of dancing men which had already twice appeared , and which I have copied on that paper . (eng)

11361 それから ホームズ 問い に対して 火薬 臭い 一番 自分 たち 部屋 飛び出し とき あっ 答え

In answer to Holmes , they both remembered that they were conscious of the smell of powder from the moment that they ran out of their rooms upon the top floor . (eng)

11396 つまり 発砲 とき 部屋 開い いう こと です

" It suggested that at the time of the firing , the window as well as the door of the room had been open . (eng)

11405 惨劇 とき まさに 開い すれ 間違い なく 現場 第三者 おり 開い 立っ そこ から 向け 発砲

" Feeling sure that the window had been open at the time of the tragedy , I conceived that there might have been a third person in the affair , who stood outside this opening and fired through it . (eng)

11442 それから すべて 種明かし する いう こと

Now that I have got so far , I had best proceed on my own lines , and then clear the whole matter up once and for all . " (eng)

11499 ヒルトン キュー ビット 会っ 二つ 短文 ひとつ 伝言 いただい 後者 ない ので 単語 踏ん

In my second interview with Mr. Hilton Cubitt he was able to give me two other short sentences and one message , which appeared -- since there was no flag -- to be a single word . (eng)

11507 よく 調べ みれ この 組み合わせ 伝言 末尾 現れ いる

On examination I found that such a combination formed the termination of the message which was three times repeated . (eng)

11518 この 短い 文章 出る から

" Now the first letter CAN only be A , which is a most useful discovery , since it occurs no fewer than three times in this short sentence , and the H is also apparent in the second word . (eng)

11911 申し ます ある この 深い 通り ます 小さな 蜘蛛 路ばた 這っ 行く 見え まし

Which is to say , there was a time when this man was walking through a deep forest , and found a small spider crawling along the side of the path . (eng)

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