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11057 でたらめ 人形 大勢 書か 並ん 踊っ いる よう ある

It consists of a number of absurd little figures dancing across the paper upon which they are drawn . (eng)

11105 さて いよいよ 奇怪 部分 進む です 週間 ほど そう です 先週 火曜日 です ガラス この ある よう でたらめ 小さな 踊る 人形 描か いる 発見 まし

" Well , now I come to the queer part of my story . (eng) About a week ago -- it was the Tuesday of last week -- I found on one of the window-sills a number of absurd little dancing figures like these upon the paper . (eng)

11135 おすすめ たい 一度 ノーフォーク 帰り なっ 注意深く 監視 再度 この 踊る 人形 現れ それ 正確 写し取る こと です

I would suggest that you return to Norfolk , that you keep a keen lookout , and that you take an exact copy of any fresh dancing men which may appear . (eng)

11147 ほら あの キュー ビット 踊る 人形

You remember Hilton Cubitt , of the dancing men ? (eng)

11166 新しい 踊る 人形 ぜひ ご覧 ください

I have several fresh dancing -men pictures for you to examine , and , what is more important , I have seen the fellow . " (eng)

11172 この 訪ね 帰っ その 翌朝 また 新しい 踊る 人形 一群 です

When I got back after my visit to you , the very first thing I saw next morning was a fresh crop of dancing men . (eng)

11205 しかし 確か のい 形跡 あっ 踊る 人形 あっ です

He had left a trace of his presence , however , for there on the door was the very same arrangement of dancing men which had already twice appeared , and which I have copied on that paper . (eng)

11238 ヒルトン キュー ビット 広い 背中 向こう 消える すぐさま ホームズ 走り 寄り 踊る 人形 自分 並べ 込み入っ 計算 じっと 取り組む あっ

The moment that Hilton Cubitt 's broad back had disappeared through the door my comrade rushed to the table , laid out all the slips of paper containing dancing men in front of him , and threw himself into an intricate and elaborate calculation . (eng)

11306 証拠 言っ 踊る 人形 ある のみ です ホームズ 答え いずれ 説明 及び ましょ

" I have only the evidence of the dancing men , " said Holmes . (eng) " I will explain the matter to you later . (eng)

11457 ホームズ から 踊る 人形 紙切れ すべて 取り出し 並べ しばらく 書斎 向かっ

" Saddle a horse , my lad , " said he . (eng) " I shall wish you to take a note to Elrige's Farm . " (eng) He took from his pocket the various slips of the dancing men . (eng) With these in front of him , he worked for some time at the study- table . (eng)

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