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10172 二つ これ ほど 似通っ 結び付ける どれほど 神秘 敏感 もの 分かり でしょ

My sister and I , you will recollect , were twins , and you know how subtle are the links which bind two souls which are so closely allied . (eng)

10294 極めて 邪悪 衝動 感じ させる 大きな 無数 刻ま 黄色 日焼け 深く 窪ん 不機嫌 そう 我々 じろじろ 見回し 薄く 骨ばっ 高い 獰猛 猛禽

A large face , seared with a thousand wrinkles , burned yellow with the sun , and marked with every evil passion , was turned from one to the other of us , while his deep-set , bile-shot eyes , and his high , thin , fleshless nose , gave him somewhat the resemblance to a fierce old bird of prey . (eng)

11459 書き付け 表面 見る 宛名 いつも ホームズ 綺麗 筆跡 似つか ない めちゃくちゃ 書き 殴っ あっ

I saw the outside of the note , addressed in straggling , irregular characters , very unlike Holmes 's usual precise hand . (eng)

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