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101788 Also popular among families and teenagers are its port and three beaches .
101789 But if shopping and dining is more your thing , then also visit the many quality restaurants spread out across the island and along the beaches .
101804 The perfect destination to enjoy the sun , sand and sea , TBC is modelled after a 1950s beach resort , and comes complete with a pool boasting panoramic views , two bars , a restaurant and plenty of chill-out and event space .
102260 This decade old dance extravaganza is without a doubt one of the biggest outdoor beach parties in Asia , having played host to world famous DJs such as trance luminaries Tiesto and Armin_Van_Buuren , and James_Lavelle .
102290 Families flock here before and after a day of activities on the beach for ice cold sugarcane juice and a sumptuous meal of grilled cuttlefish and fish with a hot bowl of steamed rice .
102292 Bring home some fried chicken wings and the ubiquitous satay for late-night supper or find a quiet spot on the beach to munch away and enjoy the cool sea breeze while you 're here .
102643 The city 's most popular stretch of beach always buzzes with activity even when it 's not playing host to the wide spectrum of sporting events that grace its shores regularly , like the Singapore_Marathon and Xtreme_Championship .
102644 There 's plenty to do here bowl , bike , fish , stroll , picnic , rollerblade , windsurf , wakeboard , kayak , or just chill out at any of the many restaurants and bars that line the 15 km stretch of sandy beach , including the Mana_Mana_East_Coast_Beach_Club .
102648 Some of the best places to lap up this stunning creation include No_Signboard_Seafood_Restaurant , Jumbo_Seafood and Long_Beach_Seafood at the East_Coast_Lagoon_Food_Village which sits right by the beach at East_Coast_Park .
110181 Saheb , Saheb , said the Sinhalese as he sank down on the beach , gasping for breath .

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