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55784 From north , south , east , and west every man who had a shade of red in his hair had tramped into the City to answer the advertisement .
60638 The Meteorological_Agency has announced that the low pressure on its way from the south off the Kanto region to east-northeast will grow powerfully to form a strong wintry pressure pattern , and a cold air mass of below 36 degrees Centigrade -- below the freezing point -- will flow into northern Japan from Siberia .
100195 Tekka_Centre is easily accessible by the Little_India_MRT station , and the bottom floor of the Tekka_Centre has both South and North Indian food , Chinese dishes and Malay cuisine .
100323 Look for Komala_Villas restaurant or the Madras_Woodlands in Little_India for hard- to- beat versions of this South Indian classic .
100324 Just before you scoot off , wash the meal down with the ever excellent South Indian- style milk coffee , a perfect way to round off any thosai- based meal .
100620 Over the years , Chef_Iaccarino has carved out a reputation as a studious chef , one who diligently tries to understand and experience other cultures ; while also being a scholar in Italian cuisine , mastering the 3000- year food and wine tradition of the Italian south .
102826 Located in Chinatown , Mariamman_Kovil or Kling_Street_Temple as it was popularly known then was constructed by immigrants from the Nagapatnam and Cuddalore districts of South India .
104232 At this much-anticipated new eatery , you can expect simple yet elegant dishes such as roasted fish with a sprinkle of wild mint and grilled fresh prawns in lemon leaves served in a charming terracotta pot reflective of how Italians from the South appreciate the purity and texture of their food .

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