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10500 As we passed out he exchanged a few words with the landlord , explaining that we were going on a late visit to an acquaintance , and that it was possible that we might spend the night there .
11245 Would that I had some brighter ending to communicate to my readers , but these are the chronicles of fact , and I must follow to their dark crisis the strange chain of events which for some days made Riding Thorpe Manor a household word through the length and breadth of England .
60036 I would like to have frank discussions with President_Clinton .
60648 The Liberal_Democratic_Party , on the other hand , is emphasizing discussion at the assembly level .
61224 Fukukawa_Shinji , the new head of the Dentsu_Communication_Institute_Inc. where he succeeds Mr._Amaya , has similarly said : " One should squeeze out the arguments at every level of discussion . "
61290 There should be serious discussions about what are the scientifically valuable contributions Japan can make , and how Japan should push ahead with international cooperation as the overall focus in the world of physics and science .
61413 Words to describe Italian politics have not been favorable since the end of the war .
61498 Additionally , discussions over decentralization are increasing at present .
61504 The current discussions over decentralization of power started as a direct result of the final report submitted by Special_Advisory_Council on Enforcement_of_Administrative_Reform in the fall of the year before last .
61975 These days , as people are too turned off to pay attention to the " mediocrity " at the Diet that has become hollow where words are said and heard with nobody challenging them , we have to give credit to the New_Frontier_Party for using their ingenuity to come up with a different debate format from that in the past .

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