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11393 The flowers were trampled down , and the soft soil was imprinted all over with footmarks .
13361 We examined it very carefully , but found no outline of any footmark . '
18908 Two lines of footmarks were clearly marked along the farther end of the path , both leading away from me .
45941 The day had been wet , and Sir Charles 's footmarks were easily traced down the Alley .
45945 One fact which has not been explained is the statement of Barrymore that his master 's footprints altered their character from the time he passed the moor- gate , and that he appeared from thence onwards to have been walking upon his toes .
45991 I followed the footsteps down the Yew Alley , I saw the spot at the moor- gate where he seemed to have waited .
45992 I remarked the change in the shape of the prints after that point , I noted that there were no other footsteps save those of Barrymore on the soft gravel , and finally I carefully examined the body , which had not been touched until my arrival .
45999 ' Footprints ? '
46000 ' Footprints . '
46003 ' Mr Holmes , they were the footprints of a gigantic hound ! '

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