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11171 " Three days later a message was left scrawled upon paper , and placed under a pebble upon the sundial .
11243 This message makes it even more essential that we should not lose an hour in letting Hilton Cubitt know how matters stand , for it is a singular and a dangerous web in which our simple Norfolk squire is entangled . "
11441 The first message submitted to me was so short that it was impossible for me to do more than to say , with some confidence , that the symbol XXX stood for E.
11443 Out of fifteen symbols in the first message , four were the same , so it was reasonable to set this down as E.
11458 On examination I found that such a combination formed the termination of the message which was three times repeated .
11465 So now I was in possession of C , O , and M , and I was in a position to attack the first message once more , dividing it into words and putting dots for each symbol which was still unknown .
11470 I had so many letters now that I could proceed with considerable confidence to the second message , which worked out in this fashion : A . ELRI.ES .
60046 Although many people may feel that this simple idea is too vague and fragile , this must be a proof and a message to " change Japan " to overcome the problems at the confused turning point .
60082 In the message , a catch phrase for the 50th anniversary of the end of the war was expressed as " from reform to creation " at the beginning .
60327 We have put together a special feature , including introductions of the recipients ' work by members of our advisory and nominating committees , their curriculum vitae , and congratulatory messages .

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