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10076 She had a considerable sum of money -- not less than 1000 pounds a year -- and this she bequeathed to Dr. Roylott entirely while we resided with him , with a provision that a certain annual sum should be allowed to each of us in the event of our marriage .
10086 He has a passion also for Indian animals , which are sent over to him by a correspondent , and he has at this moment a cheetah and a baboon , which wander freely over his grounds and are feared by the villagers almost as much as their master . "
10238 His costume was a peculiar mixture of the professional and of the agricultural , having a black top-hat , a long frock-coat , and a pair of high gaiters , with a hunting-crop swinging in his hand .
11126 It is a thousand pities that we have not a reproduction of those which were done in chalk upon the window-sill .
11532 " If I shot the man he had his shot at me , and there 's no murder in that .
60214 In addition , 71 percent of property owned by local governments has already been sold off to private entities .
60381 At one time the British-affiliated companies that owned the surrounding buildings tried to have the women removed , but had to stop amid criticism of " discriminatory practices " .
60425 Currently , their company owns factories that make electrical appliances , such as cassette radios and also watches in Guangdong_Province , China and exports to the U.S. and other countries .
61418 Such rumors included his connections to the Mafia crime syndicate and some corrupt politicians and his use of the mass media , i.e. , an affiliate of Fininvest , the business group owned by Mr._Berlusconi , for his election campaign .
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