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10060 " Alas ! " replied our visitor , " the very horror of my situation lies in the fact that my fears are so vague , and my suspicions depend so entirely upon small points , which might seem trivial to another , that even he to whom of all others I have a right to look for help and advice looks upon all that I tell him about it as the fancies of a nervous woman .
60341 " There is trepidation about the future due to the reversion of Hong_Kong and pride about being liberated from British colonialism . Caught between these two emotions , many people were forced to make a practical decision . In short , this was different from those people who were searching for a better life on an individual level . The recent immigrants from Hong_Kong are breaking the pattern of traditional Chinese immigration . "
61027 Just as in Northeastern_Thailand , if the children go off to school , they look for work in the cities .
61059 According to Christian_Daniels , Assistant_Professor at the Research_Institute_for_Languages and Cultures_of_Asia and Africa at the Tokyo_University_of_Foreign_Studies , " While it is certain that minority ethnic groups are gradually losing their traditions , they have proudly maintained their traditions while coming into contact with foreign cultures . I believe they are searching for a new identity different from their old ways . "
100069 If you 're an avid shopper looking for everything under one roof , come to Wisma_Atria for a lovely time of shopping .
100107 But if you 're looking for more cultural shopping , then the districts of Kampong_Glam , Little_India and Chinatown are most ideal .
100221 Looking for unique pieces only found in Singapore ?
100323 Look for Komala_Villas restaurant or the Madras_Woodlands in Little_India for hard- to- beat versions of this South Indian classic .
100422 If you 're an upmarket shopper looking to spruce up your home with a new purchase , Park_Mall is a good location to begin your search .
100424 With five levels and 77 shops in total , including a number of cafes and restaurants , Park_Mall is a distinctive and fancy shopping destination that 's perfect for furniture seekers looking for a centrepiece for their homes .

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