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60019 The party members do not worry about it so much .
60020 It does not influence the Murayama administration .
60024 I do not plan to carry out a reshuffling of the Cabinet before summoning the ordinary session of the Diet .
60027 I would like them to continue to do it for about one year .
60037 I would like to visit China as soon as possible if there is any opportunity to do so , considering both the status of the ordinary session of the Diet and the situation of China .
60070 It is indispensable for politicians and voters who elect them to change their awareness , and what should the Cabinet members do ?
60071 We will finally realize what we should do immediately in order to overcome the difficulties at a turning point .
60105 Moderates claimed that it should be done before the unified local elections .
60163 On the other hand , those who did not give any name , including those who answered " I do not know , " accounted for as much as 36_% , which clearly showed that many lower house members had the idea , " It is impossible to predict one year ahead , " in today 's fluxing political situation , with three different prime ministers in one year .
60175 Dr._Brown also warned , " Another curtain will be drawn , between the East_European countries that join NATO and those that do not , " and opposed Mr._Kissinger'opinion saying , " NATO expansion is not reasonable in terms of strategy and politics , and we only have to warn Russia that in case it assumes an invasive attitude toward any of its neighbors , we will expand . "

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