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10273 " I am not quite so bulky , but if he had remained I might have shown him that my grip was not much more feeble than his own . "
11144 " It 's bad enough to feel that you are surrounded by unseen , unknown folk , who have some kind of design upon you , but when , in addition to that , you know that it is just killing your wife by inches , then it becomes as much as flesh and blood can endure .
11265 Yet there was much around to interest us , for we were passing through as singular a countryside as any in England , where a few scattered cottages represented the population of to-day , while on every hand enormous square-towered churches bristled up from the flat green landscape and told of the glory and prosperity of old East Anglia .
60163 On the other hand , those who did not give any name , including those who answered " I do not know , " accounted for as much as 36_% , which clearly showed that many lower house members had the idea , " It is impossible to predict one year ahead , " in today 's fluxing political situation , with three different prime ministers in one year .
61801 Given this situation , the law for NPO ( Non-Profit Organization ) that has been acclaimed as the powerful driving force in revitalizing the American society has attracted much attention .
62018 It was naturally expected a great deal of attention would be focuses on such a special speech , we have to wonder how much effort the prime minister had put into it .
100656 There 's just so much to see and do .
101027 Fast and furious action will surround the pinnacle event of Grand_Prix_Season_Singapore from 24 to 26 September as the much anticipated 2010 FORMULA 1 SINGTEL_SINGAPORE_GRAND_PRIX enthrals spectators with the world 's only FORMULA_ONE night race .
101552 With so much to see and do , be sure to plan your itinerary ahead .
101692 At this year 's World_Gourmet_Summit , Chef_Chow will replicate his much sought-after signature style with an Epicurean_Delights menu at the Majestic_Restaurant .

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