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10117 I thought that I would just ask you whether you had heard it . '
10157 " That was what the county coroner asked me at the inquiry .
10223 " And what do you think of it all , Watson ? " asked Sherlock Holmes , leaning back in his chair .
10241 " Which of you is Holmes ? " asked this apparition .
60115 In the interview , Miyamoto , who was in hospital for about one month from late June last year , said , " I am asked by journalists when I will resign and questions like that , " and emphasized his good health , saying , " I am not ashamed of it in the least but proud of it . "
60144 Still , the Mainichi_Newspapers asked a question , " Who do you think will be the prime minister as of January 1 , 1996 ? " in the questionnaire survey last December of all members of the House_of_Representatives .
60164 The questionnaire also asked the lower house members to give the names of the party leaders and cadre toward whom they have a favorable opinion .
60369 A male Filipino photographer earnestly tries to make a sale , displaying sample photos in one hand and asking , " How about a commemorative photo ? "
61848 However , we want to ask if the party revitalization efforts sworn by President_Kono along with party members in the Diet , have been carried out with heroic resolve ?
62103 For the Great_Hanshin_Earthquake that killed the largest number of people since the end of the war , we want to ask what emergency responses and management efforts have been carried out ?

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