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60037 I would like to visit China as soon as possible if there is any opportunity to do so , considering both the status of the ordinary session of the Diet and the situation of China .
60061 Leaders of the airline industry cried , " The airline industry will soon become nothing but the second National_Railways_Corporation , which suffered from losses , " while executives of JR companies are warning against the increasing difference in the price of transportation , hotel , and service fees between Japan and overseas , saying , " de-industrialization is spreading from manufacturing industries to others . "
60267 Many people have a view that the US made the move judging that the direct service will be realized soon .
60421 His father , Kei_Sitar , was born in India and came to Hong_Kong , where his elder brother was , soon after the war .
60719 They soon decided to marry .
60826 Before long , steel and copper replaced wood in yacht construction , and from the eighth America_'s_Cup the era of large yachts 36 - 42_meters in length overall commenced .
61096 Yamamoto and his wife , Haruko , also on the car , were hit strongly in the chest and head , and died shortly ; Ito is suffering from whiplash .
61323 On that account as well , it is desirable to bring a settlement to the issue of healing the wounds of war as soon as possible .
61960 The government as well as ruling and opposition parties first and foremost must concentrate their efforts on emergency recovery measures related to the Great_Hanshin_Earthquake , and in addition to taking action to help the victims to return to a stable daily life outside of the shelters as soon as possible , it should work on establishing the fundamental anti-earthquake and disaster prevention measures utilizing the lessons they have learned from the latest earthquake .

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