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10201 There was a long silence , during which Holmes leaned his chin upon his hands and stared into the crackling fire .
13403 She stared at us with defiant eyes , and then suddenly recognizing me , an expression of absolute astonishment came over her face .
13878 Phelps raised the cover , and as he did so he uttered a scream , and sat there staring with a face as white as the plate upon which he looked .
44255 I tried to draw my companion 's attention to them , but he gave a little ejaculation of impatience , and continued to stare into the street .
46455 Once our friends stopped and stared into a shop window , upon which Holmes did the same .
46588 Speak out , man , and do n't stand staring ! '
46872 Young Baskerville stared eagerly out of the window , and cried aloud with delight as he recognized the familiar features of the Devon scenery .
46933 Its master had risen , and was staring with flushed cheeks and shining eyes .
47005 A dim line of ancestors , in every variety of dress , from the Elizabethan knight to the buck of the Regency , stared down upon us and daunted us by their silent company .
47492 His profile was half turned towards me , and his face seemed to be rigid with expectation as he stared out into the blackness of the moor .

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