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133 其中 重要 俄亥俄州立 大学 Emacs Lisp 存档 当时 已经 具有 今天 Linux 大型 数据 管理 许多 精神 气质

721 现在 开源 项目 不断 创新 我们 提供 前所未有 施展 空间

61135 当今 社会 状况 只有 政治 极度 逃避 政治 极端 态度 混杂 在一起

Social conditions show a mixture of only two extreme attitudes toward politics : pent-up discontent and avoidance or disenchantment . (eng)

61147 此外 选举法 严重 问题 应该 产生 今天 扭曲 现象 起源

Another thing is that this election law had an important aspect that one might say was the source that created the distortion as we see today . (eng)

61178 明治 以来 今天 随着 民间 经济 不断 发展 成熟 起来 制造业 中心 政府 曾经 逐渐 取消 限制

Since the Meiji era up to present , the practice in Japan has been that as the private economy developed and matured , government control was removed with a focus on the manufacturing industry . (eng)

61211 现在 官僚 管理 产业 时代

It is not the sort of age where bureaucrats should control business and industry . (eng)

61266 我们 现在 追求 能够 广泛 世界观 思考 问题 采取 行动 地球 生活 方式

Surely what is being required of us is to think about things from a broad , global perspective , and to search for ways of living that are suitable for us as " global citizens . " (eng)

61491 大米 国民 经济 国民 生活 比重 时代 也许 必要 国家 严格 检查 但是 比重 大幅度 下降 今天 必须 国家 直接 雇佣 工作 人员 进行 检查

While the rigorous government inspections may have been necessary in those days when rice played a significant role in the national economy and the lives of the people , it is questionable if the government still needs to be directly involved in inspection using its own personnel now that the significance of rice has been reduced considerably . (eng)

61916 阪神 地震 今天 迫使 进行 根本 修正

Now , after the Great_Hanshin_Earthquake , a drastic review of this study is called for . (eng)

61942 即使 物品 帮助 受灾者 今天 生活 难道 设法 打开 局面

Is there any way to breakthrough the situation where we can not support the victims ' immediate livelihood despite the fact that there are goods available ? (eng)

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