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89 一些 可能 引发 变革 想法 脑海 浮现

539 19 . 倘若 开发 协调者 拥有 逊于 因特网 媒介 懂得 如何 避免 强权 领导 那么 众虎同心 肯定

10204 顿时 脑子 闪过 念头 也许 担心 遭到 不幸 因为 已经 怀疑 知道 而且 懂得 那些 古怪 符号 什么 意思

" These are very deep waters , " said he , " pray go on with your narrative . " (eng)

11433 并不 那么 太平 通吧 哎呀 万恶 世界 聪明人 如果 脑子 为非作歹 糟透

" Having once recognized , however , that the symbols stood for letters , and having applied the rules which guide us in all forms of secret writings , the solution was easy enough . (eng)

60506 谷川 结束 头脑 空白 以至 状况 冷静 地下 7一飞

Tanigawa states , " At the end of the game I blanked and I could no longer see my hands . Under these circumstances , I think I dropped my rook at 7-1 with control . " (eng)

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