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61144 由于 议员 误解 地区 个人 行业 代理人 认为 本地 修建 桥梁 公路 利益 返还 行业 议员 议员 从而 使 选举 成为 扭曲 英明 举措

Because we have this misconception that Diet members are " agents " working for regions , individuals , or industries , our electoral system has been reduced to " the best and wisest system but distorted " where those who have bridges and roads built in their own ridings to benefit industries and the like are considered " good Diet members . " (eng)

61146 因为 内容 存在 选民 包括 女性 选举 年龄 过高 二十五 以上 选民 资格 等等 问题

This included the exclusion of women from the electorates , the voting age being set too high at the age of 25 or older , and voter qualifications being changed for the worse . (eng)

61148 至此 相当 部分 自由 选举 运动 根据 党派 利益 策略 严格 限制 起来

Election campaigns , which had been unrestricted for the considerable part up to that time , were brought under stiff regulations by partisan interests and strategies . (eng)

61150 于是 无论是 候选人 还是 选民 上门 访问 宣传 政策 寻求 支持 选举 运动 出发点 诀窍 至今 没有 体会 出来

And both candidates and voters have come down to this day without learning or experiencing the know-how of " door-to-door canvassing , " which is fundamentally the original form of the election campaign seeking voter support by appealing their policies to the public ... (eng)

61151 日本 五十 周年 阶段 再次 回到 选区 意义 可以 回到 开始 实行 选举 英明 举措 出发点

It has been fifty years since the end of World_War_II and at this juncture Japan has decided to revisit the single-seat consituency system , that is " the original point where the wise system known as the election began . " (eng)

61153 显然 如果 议员 国民 代理人 误解 对待 选举 制度 的话 不但 消除 金权 选举 利益 导向型 政治 而且 更加 蔓延 开来

If we engage ourselves in this electoral system with the existing misconception that Diet members are the people 's " agents , " it is patently clear that bankrolled elections and politics of influence peddling will spread further , instead of being eliminated . (eng)

61158 作为 清除 金权 选举 措施 之一 准备 试行 恢复 废除 根据 民众 诉讼 宣布 当选 无效 制度

As a measure to get rid of bankrolled elections , attempt to bring back the system that nullifies the election results by popular proceedings , which was abolished after the war . (eng)

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