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10137 记得 那些 跳舞

I thought that I would just ask you whether you had heard it . ' (eng)

10355 咱们 解答 问题 " 福尔摩斯 马丁 警长 记得 女仆 讲到 她们 房门 闻到 火药 味儿 时候 极其 重要

By the way , there does not seem to be any very pressing need for repairs at that end wall . " (eng)

11058 法林托歇 " 想起 案子 猫儿眼 宝石 冠冕 有关 案子

There was an American young lady there -- Patrick was the name -- Elsie Patrick . (eng)

11059 华生 想起 以前

In some way we became friends , until before my month was up I was as much in love as man could be . (eng)

11155 记得 我们 姐儿 孪生 姐妹 知道 联接 这样 血肉 相连 纽带 多么 微妙

" What , the man who draws them ? " (eng)

11210 昨天 晚上 睁着 眼睛 回想 可怕 遭遇 寂静 深夜 突然 听到 曾经 预兆 死亡 轻轻 口哨声 想想 当时 什么 样子

I would not leave my wife alone all night for anything . (eng)

11414 记得 里面 装满 文件

I saw the outside of the note , addressed in straggling , irregular characters , very unlike Holmes 's usual precise hand . (eng)

11491 记得 当初 叙述 提到 姐姐 闻到 罗伊洛特 医生 雪茄 烟味

" Then let us go arrest him . " (eng)

60562 新年 来临 想起

When a New_Year comes , I remember one thing . (eng)

100065 在此 旅游 一定 记得 漫游 古迹 著名 地标 建筑 体验 完整 新加坡 文化

On your trip here , remember to take a walk along one of the many heritage trails or visit the well-known landmarks for a complete Singapore journey . (eng)

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