14580897-n 'the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object';
Chinese (simplified) 物料 , 材料 , 东西 , 物资 , 物质 , 原料
English material 73 , stuff 5
Indonesian barang baku , bahan , isi , bahan baku , bahan mentah , materi
Japanese 素材 , , 材料 , 原材料 , マチエール , 原料 , マティエール , 資材 , マテリアル , スタッフ
the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
coal is a hard black material; wheat is the stuff they use to make bread
石炭は、硬い黒い材料である; 小麦は彼らがパンを作るために使うものである
Hyponym: abrasive adhesive_material aggregate ammunition animal_material atom ballast bedding_material bimetal builder chemical coloring_material composite_material conductor contaminant detritus diamagnet discharge dust earth elastomer fiber filling floccule fluff foam hazmat homogenate humate impregnation insulator mineral packing_material paper particulate plant_material precursor radioactive_material raw_material rind rock sealing_material sorbate sorbent thickening toner transparent_substance undercut vernix wad waste
Hypernym: substance
Semantic Field: substancen
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