11669921-n 'a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms';
Chinese (simplified) 开花植物 ,
English flower 31 ( )
Indonesian bunga
Japanese 観賞花
a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
Hyponym: achimenes african_daisy african_daisy african_daisy african_violet ageratum ammobium anemone aster baby's_breath bartonia begonia bellwort billy_buttons blazing_star bloomer blue-eyed_african_daisy blue_daisy brass_buttons bush_violet butterfly_flower calceolaria calendula calla_lily candytuft cape_marigold carolina_spring_beauty catananche centaury china_aster christmas_bells chrysanthemum cineraria columbine commelina composite coneflower coneflower coral_drops cornflower corydalis cosmos cotton_rose cowherb cyclamen dahlia daisy damask_violet delphinium easter_daisy fig_marigold florest's_cineraria four_o'clock gazania gentian gerardia globe_amaranth heliophila horn_poppy kingfisher_daisy lace-flower_vine lesser_celandine lychnis malcolm_stock marigold mexican_sunflower mistflower nigella orchid oxeye_daisy painted_daisy peony petunia pheasant's-eye pink poppy portulaca prairie_rocket prairie_rocket red_valerian rocket_larkspur rue_anemone sandwort sandwort sandwort scabious scarlet_musk_flower schizopetalon scorpionweed shortia silene snapdragon soapwort sowbread spathiphyllum spring_beauty stock stokes'_aster streptocarpus sunflower swan_river_daisy sweet_alyssum sweet_sultan sweet_sultan texas_star tidytips toadflax tuberose umbrellawort ursinia valerian verbena veronica virginia_spring_beauty virginian_stock wallflower wallflower wandflower western_wall_flower white-topped_aster woodland_star xeranthemum zinnia
Hypernym: angiosperm
Semantic Field: plantn
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