01332730-v 'provide with a covering or cause to be covered'; V2; 
Chinese (simplified) 遮盖 , 覆盖 ,
English cover 35 ( )
Indonesian menekapi , menggelimangi , menjerukun , memalut , membelongsongi , menyelubungi , menekap , mencakupi , meratai , melingkupi , melapiki , menyelingkup , mencakup , menggelimuni , menyalut , menyaluti , menutupi , menutup , meliputi , membahas , membukut
Japanese 覆う , 掩う , 蔽う , 掛ける , 蓋う , 被せる , 被う
provide with a covering or cause to be covered
cover her face with a handkerchief; cover the child with a blanket; cover the grave with flowers
彼女の顔をハンカチで覆う; 子供を毛布で覆う; 墓を花で覆う
Hyponym: aluminize bank bark bedaub bind blacklead blanket blindfold blinker board_up bread brush butter canopy canvas carpet carpet clapboard cloak coat coif concrete cowl crape crown daub drape dust envelop face feather felt flake flash foil frost frost frost grass gravel grease hold hood jacket lag laminate lime line mask mask mask mound_over mulch oil paint pall paper parcel paste plank plaster plaster plaster put_on recover roof sheathe sheet smother sod spray spread spritz steel straw tile turf veneer wallpaper wash wax whiteout wrap
Antonym: uncover
Semantic Field: contactv
Verb Frames
Somebody ----s something;   Something ----s something;  
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SUMO: ⊂ Covering

TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.150; Future: 0.000)

SentiWN: (+0.00 -0.00) MLSentiCon: (+0.38 -0.00)


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