00017222-n 'a living organism lacking the power of locomotion';
Chinese (simplified) 植物群 , 植物
English plant 37 ( ) , flora ( ) , plant life
Indonesian tanaman , pokok , flora , tumbuh-tumbuhan , tumbuhan
Japanese 草木 , 植物
a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
Hyponym: acrogen air_plant annual apomict aquatic autophyte biennial crop cryptogam embryo endemic escape gametophyte garden_plant holophyte houseplant hygrophyte microflora monocarp myrmecophyte neophyte non-flowering_plant ornamental perennial phytoplankton plantlet poisonous_plant pot_plant rock_plant sporophyte vascular_plant wilding
Hypernym: organism
Meronym–Part: hood plant_part
Holonym–Member: plantae
Domain–Category: botany
In Domain–Category: acid-loving alkaline-loving apocarpous syncarpous sedgy floccose hispid pappose carnivorous saprophytic insectivorous etiolate tender dicotyledonous monocotyledonous evergreen deciduous campylotropous orthotropous anatropous amphitropous epiphytotic amentiferous half-hardy gregarious clustered ungregarious caespitose leggy endangered threatened propagate etiolate bruise domesticate accrete girdle phytotherapy microorganism parasite coca fugacity circulation vegetation squamule nitrification perennation photosynthesis alder_blight peroxidase tenderizer
Semantic Field: Topsn
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