00471613-n 'a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players';
Chinese (simplified) 棒球 , 棒球比赛
English baseball 21 , baseball game 2
Indonesian bisbol
Japanese ベイスボール , 野球 , ベースボール
a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players
teams take turns at bat trying to score runs
he played baseball in high school; there was a baseball game on every empty lot; there was a desire for National League ball in the area; play ball!
彼は高校で野球をした; どの空き地でも野球の試合があった; その地区でナショナルリーグボールを望む声があった; プレーボール!
Hyponym: ball five-hitter four-hitter hardball no-hit_game one-hitter perfect_game professional_baseball rounders softball steal stickball three-hitter two-hitter
Hypernym: ball_game
In Domain–Category: away fair in-bounds foul safe out ball-hawking no-hit triple-crown hitless aboard die fumble backstop bear_down catch cut_down steal walk drive_in walk foul retire put_out ground_out fly bounce_out pop ground ground pull connect bunt single double triple fan whiff bat bat bat switch-hit strike_out submarine tag nab put_out draw run_bases wind_up hit bobble error fumble pitch fastball batting fielding catching pitching base_on_balls fair_ball foul_ball bunt fly blast pop_fly grounder out force_out putout strikeout sacrifice base_hit liner plunk shoestring_catch tag flare texas_leaguer bat ball_game assist baseball_play backstop ballpark baseball_diamond baseball_equipment home_plate mound batting_order cleanup earned_run_average ground_rule farm_team major_league minor_league lead strike_zone ballplayer baseball_coach base_runner bat_boy batter batting_coach catcher closer pitching_coach first_baseman infielder outfielder right-handed_pitcher pinch_hitter pitcher screwballer second_baseman shortstop starting_pitcher third_baseman batting_average batting_average fielding_average triple_crown inning
Semantic Field: actn
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