Results for « limit » (eng)
limit, limit point, point of accumulation      the mathematical value toward which a function goes as the independent variable approaches infinity
00947077-v (33)
set, determine, fix, specify, limit, define      decide upon or fix definitely
08593130-n (1)
limit      as far as something can go
00233335-v (39)
limit, confine, restrict, restrain, throttle, bound, trammel, circumscribe, cap, curb, repress, coerce      place limits on (extent or access)
00235368-v (11)
limit, confine, circumscribe      restrict or confine,
15268857-n (3)
limit, terminus ad quem, terminal point      final or latest limiting point
08592656-n (3)
demarcation, limit, demarcation line      the boundary of a specific area
13758296-n (1)
limitation, limit      the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed
05124057-n (24)
limit, bound, boundary      the greatest possible degree of something


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