Results for « had » (ind)
07328305-n (2)
had, unsur, parameter, faktor
     faktor-faktor yang menentukan sebuah sistem dan menentukan (atau batas) kinerja
15224486-n (8)
had, tempoh, masa, selama, istilah
     a limited period of time
06657646-n (2)
had, langit-langit, kopiah
ceiling, cap, roof
     an upper limit on what is allowed
05124057-n (24)
had, sempadan, takat, kesetujuan, batas
limit, bound, boundary
     the greatest possible degree of something
05846355-n (8)
had, batasan, batas, sekatan
restriction, limitation
     a principle that limits the extent of something
05162455-n (3)
had, sempadan, batasan, sekatan, pembatasan
     the quality of being limited or restricted
had, batasan, sekatan
     aturan atau kondisi yang membatasi kebebasan
had, halangan, batasan, sekatan, pembatasan
restriction, confinement
     the act of keeping something within specified bounds (by force if necessary)
13758296-n (1)
had, sempadan, takat, batasan
limitation, limit
     the greatest amount of something that is possible or allowed
08565894-n (2)
had, takat, akhir, hujung, selesai, ujung, kematian, penghujung
     a boundary marking the extremities of something
01145359-n (5)
had, tahan, batasan, sekatan
     the act of controlling by restraining someone or something
had, batasan, sekatan, penyekatan
suppression, crushing, quelling, stifling
     forceful prevention; putting down by power or authority
had, hambatan, kendala, batasan, kekangan, penghalang, sekatan
restraint, constraint
     a device that retards something's motion
08628921-n (16)
had, julat, tiba
range, reach
     the limits within which something can be effective
00808182-n (1)
had, sempadan, halangan, batasan, batas, sekatan, pembatasan
restriction, limitation
     an act of limiting or restricting (as by regulation)
13941125-n (23)
had, takat, jangkauan, keluasan, batas
     titik atau derajat di mana sesuatu dapat menjangkau


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