15113229-n 'an amount of time';
Chinese (simplified) 时代 , 期间 , 时期 , 阶段 , , 一段时间
English period 94 , period of time 7 , time period 4
Indonesian musim , Rentang Waktu , tempoh , zaman dahulu , masa , zaman
Japanese 期間 , ピリオド , 時間 , ピリオッド , , 時代 , 会期 , 年代 , 時期 , スパン
an amount of time
a time period of 30 years; hastened the period of time of his recovery; Picasso's blue period
30年の期間; 彼の回復期間を早めた; ピカソの青の時代
Hyponym: air_alert bimester bimillennium bout bronze_age calendar_day calendar_month century clotting_time dawn day day decade dog_days downtime drought duration elapsed_time enlistment era eve evening evening festival field_day flower fortnight generation golden_age great_year half-century half_life honeymoon hospitalization hour hours incubation_period indian_summer indiction iron_age lactation lease life life life long_run long_time lustrum mid-april mid-august mid-december mid-february mid-january mid-july mid-june mid-march mid-may mid-november mid-october mid-september midweek midwinter millennium morning multistage night night night night novitiate occupation olympiad overtime past peacetime phase phase_of_the_moon prehistory prohibition puerperium quadrennium quarter-century quarter question_time quinquennium rainy_day real_time real_time regulation_time reign run running_time school season season season semester shelf_life silly_season silver_age sleep study_hall term tide time time time_frame time_limit time_of_life time_off times travel_time trial_period trimester uptime usance wartime watch week week weekend window work_time year year year youth
Hypernym: fundamental_quantity
Instance: bronze_age eolithic_age great_schism iron_age lower_paleolithic mesolithic_age middle_paleolithic neolithic_age paleolithic_age stone_age upper_paleolithic
Semantic Field: timen
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TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.939; Future: 0.010)

SentiWN: (+0.12 -0.12) MLSentiCon: (+0.12 -0.00)


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