13583724-n 'any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange';
Chinese (simplified) 单位
English unit 14 ( ) , unit of measurement
Indonesian satuan , unit
Japanese 単位
any division of quantity accepted as a standard of measurement or exchange
the dollar is the United States unit of currency; a unit of wheat is a bushel; change per unit volume
ドルは米国の通貨単位である; 小麦の単位はブッシェルだ; それぞれの単位体積につき変化する
Hyponym: absorption_unit acceleration_unit angular_unit area_unit bit brinell_number computer_memory_unit denier diopter electromagnetic_unit electrostatic_unit explosive_unit force_unit karat langley linear_unit mass_unit measuring_unit megaflop metric_unit miles_per_gallon mips monetary_unit pain_unit point pressure_unit printing_unit sound_unit telephone_unit temperature_unit teraflop unit_of_viscosity volume_unit weight_unit work_unit
Hypernym: definite_quantity
Semantic Field: quantityn
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