09765278-n 'a theatrical performer';
Chinese (simplified) 艺人 , 演奏者 , 演员
English actor 14 ( ) , player 1 ( ) , histrion , thespian ( ) , role player
Indonesian seniman , pelakon , aktor , pemain
Japanese 俳優 , 男優 , 出演者 , アクター , 名優 , 役者
a theatrical performer
Hyponym: actress barnstormer character_actor comedian ham heavy ingenue leading_man mime plant reenactor scene-stealer screen_actor star supernumerary tragedian understudy upstager walk-on
Hypernym: performer
Instance: allen astaire barrymore barrymore barrymore bogart booth burbage burton cagney chevalier cooper coward cronyn crosby de_niro dean depardieu drew fairbanks fairbanks fonda gable garrick gibson gielgud grant granville-barker guinness hanks harrison heming hoffman hopkins howard jolson karloff kean keaton kelly laughton lee lemmon lloyd lorre lugosi lunt marshall martin mason mitchum moore newman o'toole olivier poitier redford richardson robinson scott sellers sinatra skinner stanislavsky stewart strasberg stroheim tracy tree ustinov wayne welles
Semantic Field: personn
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SUMO: = Actor

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