09189411-n 'the second largest continent';
Chinese (simplified) 阿非利加洲 , 非洲
English Africa 10 ( )
Indonesian Afrika
Japanese アフリカ
the second largest continent
located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
Type: continent
Meronym–Part: african_country angola barbary benin botswana burundi cameroon central_african_republic chad congo congo djibouti east_africa egypt equatorial_guinea ethiopia gabon gambia ghana great_rift_valley guinea-bissau guinea ivory_coast kenya lake_chad lake_tanganyika lake_victoria lesotho liberia libya madagascar maghreb malawi mali mauritania mozambique namibia niger nigeria north_africa nubia ottoman_empire roman_empire rwanda sahara senegal shari sierra_leone somali_peninsula somalia south_africa sub-saharan_africa sudan sudan swaziland tanzania togo uganda west_africa zambia zimbabwe
Holonym–Part: eastern_hemisphere
In Domain–Region: campaign boer_war namibia somali_peninsula black emir
Semantic Field: objectn
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