07557434-n 'a particular item of prepared food';
Chinese (simplified) 一道菜 ,
English dish 3 ( )
Indonesian santapan , persantapan , masakan , hidangan , lauk , makanan , sajian
Japanese 料理 , 一皿分の料理 , 皿に盛った料理 , 一品
a particular item of prepared food
she prepared a special dish for dinner
Hyponym: adobo applesauce bacon_and_eggs barbecue barbecued_spareribs barbecued_wing beef_bourguignonne beef_stroganoff beef_wellington biryani bitok boiled_dinner boiled_egg boston_baked_beans bubble_and_squeak buffalo_wing burrito carbonnade_flamande casserole chicken_and_rice chicken_cordon_bleu chicken_kiev chicken_marengo chicken_paprika chicken_provencale chili chop_suey chow_mein coq_au_vin coquille coquilles_saint-jacques cottage_pie couscous croquette curry custard deviled_egg dolmas egg_roll eggs_benedict enchilada escalope_de_veau_orloff falafel fish_and_chips fish_stick fondue fondue french_toast fried_egg fried_rice frittata frog_legs galantine gefilte_fish haggis ham_and_eggs hash jambalaya kabob kedgeree kishke lobster_thermidor lutefisk macedoine maryland_chicken meat_loaf meatball mold moo_goo_gai_pan moussaka mousse omelet osso_buco paella pasta patty pepper_steak pheasant_under_glass piece_de_resistance pilaf pizza poached_egg poi pork_and_beans porridge potpie pudding ramekin refried_beans rijsttaffel risotto rissole roulade salad salisbury_steak sandwich_plate sashimi sauerbraten sauerkraut saute scallopine scampi schnitzel scotch_egg scotch_woodcock scrambled_eggs scrapple seafood_newburg shirred_egg side_dish snack_food souffle soup spaghetti_and_meatballs spanish_rice special steak_au_poivre steak_tartare stew stuffed_cabbage stuffed_peppers stuffed_tomato stuffed_tomato succotash sukiyaki sushi swiss_steak taco tamale tamale_pie tempura teriyaki terrine tetrazzini timbale tostada turnover veal_cordon_bleu veal_parmesan viand welsh_rarebit
Hypernym: nutriment
Meronym–Part: ingredient sauce topping
Holonym–Part: meal
Semantic Field: foodn
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TempoWN: (Past: 0.000; Present: 0.002; Future: 0.000)

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