07075172-n 'a colloquial expression';
English colloquialism
Indonesian bahasa percakapan
Japanese 会話語 , 口語形 , 俗語 , 話し言葉 , 口語
a colloquial expression
characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
Hypernym: formulation
In Domain–Usage: potted come-at-able un-come-at-able dead-on hot fly hot_under_the_collar huffy livid dinky dishy primo chicken bone-idle chancy punch-drunk anserine chummy togged bare-assed starkers comfortable bad flustered boss-eyed broken knocked-out licked plummy done_for tall cushy flat-footed hopped-up live anxious ritzy het_up crazy no-frills crazy big-ticket cool groovy in prehistoric classy snazzy gammy niffy chummy stuffed bang-up hopeless icky rubber shirty straight killing dicky big fiddling potty hep highbrow humongous man-sized whacking bitty dinky hot canned blue-eyed hexed blood-and-guts bodacious all-fired decent together frightful some square stuck mind-bending dressy hot crazy high-flown jumped-up white-shoe fat kosher cool fishy lunatic screw-loose all_right umpteenth hot clubbable bad shy ace boss bum ropey gobsmacked goggle-eyed jiggered buttoned-up pumped-up economical all_in whacked fuggy knockdown-dragout cockamamie boiling wholly plumb okay anywhere somewhere everywhere good_and anon obviously terribly by_all_means by_no_means thoroughly right forever dingdong way at_least irregardless surely easily easy slowly in_a_pig's_eye like_hell hopelessly bang roughly heaps plop plump sweetly figure foot keep_one's_eyes_peeled give_it_a_whirl break firewall fix heavy_lifting game no-brainer crapshoot snogging wash aggro fun sin dickeybird bunny bib-and-tucker delf funny_wagon ghetto_blaster lemon long_johns main_drag put-put rathole rattrap redbrick_university ritz security_blanket shooting_gallery sunday_best war_paint smoke class setup backbone way number enormity drag hot_stuff eye peeper proboscis countenance can_of_worms hang-up think crosshairs turn-on turnoff plague bare_bones pertainym teaser pickup double_dutch put-down rap bull_session huddle pep_talk homestretch barnburner blessed_event creeps blahs banger firewater swad mafia turf borscht_circuit drink number_one big_shot bull canary cannon_fodder crazy dick dimwit dodo don't-know fence flop fuddy-duddy gal geezer head headhunter hustler know-it-all lazybones man middlebrow mouthpiece paperhanger rainmaker ringer shoofly sourpuss rebel spoilsport square stuffed_shirt thrush townee wag woman killing giveaway meal_ticket swag ice load soup size state frazzle horniness charley_horse dumps shot street throw fug soup sticks_and_stone week_from_monday month_of_sundays blue_moon
Semantic Field: communicationn
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