07020895-n 'an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner';
Chinese (simplified) 音乐伴奏 , 音乐
English music 51 ( )
Indonesian musik
Japanese 音楽 , 笛竹 , ミュージック ,
an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
Hyponym: antiphony bach ballet beethoven brahms chopin dance_music gilbert_and_sullivan handel harmony haydn instrumental_music monophony mozart music_genre musical_composition overture part_music pizzicato polyphony polytonality popularism prelude refrain section serialism stravinsky syncopation ta'ziyeh tune vocal_music wagner
Hypernym: auditory_communication
In Domain–Category: chromatic diatonic popular conjunct disjunct diminished bowed plucked fast slow first second copyrighted unresolved alto tenor lyric dramatic major minor cantabile monophonic polyphonic natural sharp flat solo con_brio staccato legato masculine feminine tonal atonal atonalistic fretted unfretted serial polyphonic lyric mensural con_brio fugally presto largo accelerando adagio andante allegretto allegro glissando molto pizzicato prestissimo rallentando dolce invert sharpen flatten sound_off compose counterpoint set_to_music arrange put score transpose melodize harmonize realize fiddle play swing rag play beat chord solmizate prepare transposition release interlude music recapitulation tuning audio_cd barrel_organ electric_organ sounding_board stop string synthesizer unison registration timbre crescendo forte decrescendo piano fermata register pyrotechnics music section dedication exposition musical_notation sheet_music scale flourish swoop gamut roulade tonic supertonic mediant subdominant dominant submediant subtonic staff slur tie c c_major segno sforzando world_premiere preparation resolution theme statement recapitulation ligature largo larghetto suite adagio syncopation expressive_style development arioso vibrato brass_family violin_family woodwind_family executant musician sightreader tremolo musical_time value tempo beats_per_minute
Semantic Field: communicationn
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