06037666-n 'the science that studies living organisms';
English biology 4 ( ) , biological science
Indonesian biologi , hayati , biologis
Japanese 生物学 , バイオロジー , 生物科学 , 生物
the science that studies living organisms
Hyponym: biogeography botany cryobiology cytology ecology embryology exobiology forestry genetics microbiology molecular_biology morphology neurobiology paleobiology physiology radiobiology sociobiology zoology
Hypernym: life_science
In Domain–Category: abaxial adaxial antrorse retrorse semiaquatic subaqueous amphibiotic sessile pedunculate sessile dormant glabrous canescent downy pilous tomentose tetramerous binucleate mononuclear trinucleate formative diurnal nocturnal myrmecophilous symbiotic free-living vestigial plumate acephalous alpine homologous homologic heterologous analogous cernuous ventricose in_vivo male female hermaphroditic versatile epimorphic metamorphous natural obligate facultative persistent caducous labile thermolabile capitate fissiparous lepidote differentiated generalized stabile stomatous astomatous geniculate actinomorphic zygomorphic sympatric allopatric territorial nonterritorial compressed depressed uniparous multiparous bilocular adnate connate alar bacillar cellular extracellular intercellular intracellular cenogenetic palingenetic commensal generic mental monotypic polydactyl urceolate isomorphous polymorphic nuclear nucleated ecological basophilic taxonomic saprobic katharobic symbiotically reproduce propagate vegetate enucleate transform conjugate replicate inhibit cell culture monad homogeny isomorphism heterology valence coarctation spindle meme cell_theory theory_of_evolution theory_of_inheritance cybernetics taxonomy cataplasia subkingdom variety phylum subphylum superphylum class subclass superclass order suborder superorder family superfamily form_family subfamily tribe genus subgenus monotype type_genus form_genus species subspecies form type type_species division biologist mutant organic_phenomenon dehiscence pleomorphism polymorphism dimorphism recognition life_force accretion anisogamy apposition decomposition evolution growth intussusception isogamy osmosis regeneration reproduction specialization affinity uncus brachium turgor activator medium
Semantic Field: cognitionn
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