06000644-n 'a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement';
Chinese (simplified) 数学
English mathematics 4 ( ) , math 1 , maths
Indonesian Ilmu Hisab , matematika
Japanese 数学
a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
Hyponym: applied_mathematics pure_mathematics
Hypernym: science
Domain–Category: science
In Domain–Category: idempotent combinatorial continuous discontinuous commutative direct inverse dividable undividable mathematical round representable linear nonlinear monotonic nonmonotonic open closed nonnegative positive negative disjoint noninterchangeable invariant affine analytic diagonalizable scalene isometric differential rational irrational prime bivariate develop iterate commute rationalize eliminate calculate extract interpolate differentiate integrate prove truncate reduce converge diverge osculate rounding truncation_error mathematical_process rationalization invariance accuracy symmetry asymmetry factorization extrapolation interpolation rule recursion invariant polynomial series infinitesimal fractal arithmetic geometry affine_geometry elementary_geometry euclid's_axiom fractal_geometry non-euclidean_geometry hyperbolic_geometry elliptic_geometry numerical_analysis spherical_geometry spherical_trigonometry analytic_geometry plane_geometry solid_geometry projective_geometry trigonometry algebra quadratics linear_algebra vector_algebra matrix_algebra calculus analysis differential_calculus integral_calculus calculus_of_variations set_theory subgroup group_theory galois_theory topology metamathematics binomial proof equation formula mathematical_statement recursive_definition boundary_condition set domain image universal_set mathematical_space field matrix diagonal arithmetic_progression geometric_progression harmonic_progression mathematician cardinality complex_number radical mathematical_relation function expansion metric_function transformation reflection rotation translation affine_transformation operator parity transitivity reflexivity additive_inverse multiplicative_inverse plane geodesic parallel upper_bound lower_bound ray osculation
Semantic Field: cognitionn
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