04194289-n 'a vessel that carries passengers or freight';
English ship 49 ( )
Indonesian kapal
Japanese 舟・船 , , 舟船 , 船舶 , 船腹 , シップ ,
a vessel that carries passengers or freight
Hyponym: abandoned_ship blockade-runner cargo_ship flagship gas-turbine_ship hospital_ship hulk icebreaker lightship minelayer minesweeper nuclear-powered_ship passenger_ship pirate school_ship shipwreck sister_ship slave_ship small_ship steamer tender three-decker transport_ship treasure_ship troopship warship whaler wreck
Hypernym: vessel
Instance: bounty mayflower
Meronym–Part: bay bilge_pump bilge_well bulkhead bulwark cargo_area crow's_nest davit deck fin forecastle funnel galley gyrostabilizer helm log lubber's_hole porthole ratline ridge_rope riding_bitt screw sea_anchor sheet skeleton spar stern superstructure top topside winch
Holonym–Member: fleet
In Domain–Category: carvel-built clinker-built broken-backed astern trim lurch auxiliary_boiler auxiliary_engine belaying_pin bollard brig engineering funnel magnetic_mine planking port sickbay beam log destabilization foundering harborage messmate drift leeway
Semantic Field: artifactn
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SUMO: = WaterVehicle

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